Spring Forward with Color: Embrace Shapewear

Spring Forward with Color: Embrace Shapewear

The days are starting to grow longer and the weather is beginning to get warm, you’ll know it’s time to renew your wardrobe. With spring, we will enjoy a burst of color and much more energy and this can be a great inspiration to embrace new fashion trends and refresh your closet.

During this spring season, there’s definitively one trend that has been catching all eyes, especially the ones from fashionistas, and it’s colorful wholesale shapewear. While still nude-toned pieces will be worn, now we have a bigger range of color possibilities to wear.

And having this possibility, especially during spring will allow you to make a statement while these pieces are providing support and shaping your body in the process.


A Little Bit of History

Shapewear has been traditionally seen as a necessity, a practical one. But they have always been present in colors like black or beige, as they were designed to smooth the silhouettes discreetly. But we have seen how fashion keeps evolving and today, we can see shapewear as pieces that not only provide function but also a lot of style.

We offer a wide plethora of options, in so many new colors that will suit every outfit and also every mood, for example, a piece that you can find in every color and will provide you with the best silhouette is a built-in shaper dress.

Embracing Colorful Shapewear During Spring

If you incorporate colorful shapewear during spring you will get some benefits from it, one of them is that it will add an extra pop of personality to your look. No matter if you are wearing dresses that hug your figure or tailored trousers or blouses. If you choose them in colors like yellow, pink, blue, etc., your look will instantly get elevated and even will have a dose of flair and fun.

You will also get your confidence boosted and your mood will be uplifted. We can’t deny that there’s a feeling of empowerment when you slip into your shapewear and you instantly feel supported but feel alive and vibrant too. We all know that when we look good we also feel for and with colorful shapewear you can express yourself and embrace your own individuality.


There are also some shapewear brands that offer shapewear in different and playful patterns and prints, these can be stripes, polka dots, floral ones and even geometric designs. In many cases this options will allow you to mix and match them with different outerwear and eventually create unexpected style combinations that will allow you to create unique looks.

How Important is Functionality?

Of course when it comes to shapewear, functionality is still very important and the most recent designs make comfort and form a priority. There’s also many advances in fabric technology, and these provide maximum support and shaping capabilities without having to sacrifice flexibility or breathability. You will be able to find plenty of options that will suit your needs and preferences, and these can be waist cinchers, bodysuits or even shorts. There’s really many options to choose from that won’t let you down and provide you with many benefits.


If you are considering refreshing your wardrobe this spring, we highly recommend you to add a touch of color with many vibrant shapewear. You can choose bold statement pieces or maybe a subtle hint under your clothes. You can embrace colorful undergarments and will be celebrating the season and expressing your personal style. Let your inner fashionista shine and use your favorite colorful shapewear that is not only going to be functional but also beautiful as well.

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  1. Aakkk tengkyuu kakaaa

    ini yg aku butuhkan.
    karena makin tambah umur, bodi agak sulit dikondisikan.
    pakai ini jadi cihuyyyyy

  2. The hot pink dress is really hot! OMG. Is it a shapewear or a dress? I want to wear it ASAP (of course in front of him only), LOL.

  3. baju baju kayak gini tu bener2 menampilkan sisi feminimnya sebenarnya jadi keliatan lebih seksi kan ya pastinya hehehe...jadi harus diperhatikan juga pemilihan bahannya biar nyaman..warna warna cerah untuk spring cocok banget :)

  4. I like the words: Let your inner fashionista shine and use your favorite colorful shapewear that is not only going to be functional but also beautiful as well. Others might think, what is the fuss anyway? Nobody will know the color of our shapewear. But that's the thing, we are the one who wear it and by choosing the colorful one, truly boosting our mood and make us feel awesome.

  5. Nah busana seperti ini yang bagus untuk membentuk badan supaya terlihat lebih cantik dan juga Fit. tidak sulit ya, ternyata untuk membuat siluet badan lebih bagus, tinggal pakai ini aja.

  6. pakai pakaian shapewear kayak gini kalau pas sama tubuh atau model fit bakalan terlihat bagus waktu dikenakan
    apalagi kalau warnanya cerah, terlihat stunning gitu

    dan balik lagi ke personal pemakainya mengenai warna pakaiannya, ada yang suka warna hitam karena kesannya bikin ramping dan elegan

  7. Detail dan warna pakaian shapewear ini emang selalu menarik deh. Tentunya kita selaku pengguna harus pandai menyesuaikan dengan kebutuhan badan juga, supaya saat di pakai macthing dan semakin menjadikan penampilan mu kian elegan, cantik serta menarik pastinya.

  8. Suka deh gaun warna pinknya, apalagi pas di badan jadi terlihat lebih rapi ya...warna hitam memang melangsingkan tapi warna cerah tuh fresh banget ya..

  9. all colors are colorful. I want to try them. It fit on my body hehehe, and the fabric look comfortable and feels soft on the skin

  10. Turns out there are a lot of colours in shapewear... And this choice of colour can bring someone to the mood of the day. For bright colours, hopefully it will also have an impact on a happy day because you are wearing shapewear that is beautiful and comfortable to use while doing activities.

  11. Aku sukaaa bgt warna pink lembutnya, tapiii ga yakin PD make 🤣🤣🤣. Warnanya ga cocok Ama kulitku.

    Shapewear memang makin banyak jenisnya yaa.aku sendiri ada, tapi agak jarang pakai. Dan juga, kalo beli shapewear, aku LBH suka beli langsung di tokonya, Krn terkadang kalo beli online ga bener2 Pas di badan mba. Pernah dulu, beli 1, mana mahal bgt, dan ga pas. Kekecilan BANGETTTT 🤣🤣. Aku kasih orang jadinya. Makanya prefer beli langsung yg bisa dilihat dulu, biar pas.

  12. Warna pink shapewearnya cakepp banget ya Mbak, pink yang lembut gitu, suka deh lihat warnanya apalagi dipake sama yang bodynya memang udah ideal. Impian banget mah punya body bagus gitu btw paling suka dengan model shapewear bagian bawah itu, kelihatan nyaman dipake buat beraktivitas di rumah termasuk kalau mau olahraga

  13. Wow gambar²nya body goals sekali... Ada gak sih shape wear yg bisa membentuk body secara permanen? Heheh.